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Total Solar Eclipse Information For Waterbury Residents and Visitors

On Monday, April 8, 2024 Waterbury will experience a Total Solar Eclipse. Much of Northern Vermont will be in the path of totality (learn more about the eclipse here). To prepare for the cosmic event, the Town of Waterbury will have a safety plan, parking updates, and is working closely with the business community and community in general on communication.
Learn more about the April 8 Eclipse: State of Vermont Eclipse Information

View Parking, Viewing Locations, and Portable Toilet Locations on the unique google map: Waterbury Eclipse Information Map. Or scan our QR Code:


Town staff will be at the Town Municipal Offices for questions and information on Monday, April 8 from 9-2:30. 

·2:14 pm: Partial eclipse begins
·3:26 pm: Total eclipse will darken Waterbury's daytime sky, lasting about 2 minutes and 30 seconds
·4:37 pm: Partial eclipse ends

Anywhere you can see the sun, you can see the eclipse! April in Vermont can be snowy, muddy, wet, or sunny. Please prepare for the day according to the weather and season. The Green Mountain Club recommends avoiding backcountry trails. Winter conditions (snow, ice, extreme temperatures) may persist at high elevations in April. Many trails are closed during this time of year, including state trails, Waterbury's Hope Davey Park disc golf course. Cell service and first responder/search and rescue resources may be taxed on eclipse day. If you do venture to the backcountry, you must have the experience and equipment to self rescue if necessary. Read more from Waterbury Backcountry Rescue Team at the bottom of the page and Visit the Green Mountain Club webpage for more information. 

Safety Plan

The Town is closely working with the Waterbury Ambulance Service and the Waterbury Fire Department to prepare for the day. Both organizations are aware and prepared for the celestial event. The town has portolets and has additional trash and recycling in locations around town in expectation of visitors. 

The Town has received 5,000+ eclipse glasses from the state for the eclipse. These glasses will be free and passed out to residents and visitors any time at the town offices. 

The Town does not plan to close any roads for the eclipse. 

Early April is often winter and/or mud season in Vermont. Visitors should come prepared for inclement weather and additional traffic due to the eclipse events. Be aware that Vermont and Waterbury roads are often closed due to weather at a moments notice. We will share updates as best we can on this page and our municipal webpages and social media accounts. 

Public Parking:
The town is working with private and public parking lots to have a clear parking plan for April 8. The Town of Waterbury does not allow overnight parking or camping in parks. Please check back for more information. 

Public parking (paved parking lots - not fields or grass) is available at the following locations the day-of: 
· Waterbury Municipal Center, 28 N. Main Street, Waterbury
· Anderson Athletic Fields, 27 Butler Street, Waterbury
· Hope Davey Park, 116 Maple Street, Waterbury Center
· Ice Center Arena Area, 546 River Rd, Waterbury (The Ice Center has weekend events on Saturday April 6 and Sunday April 7. Please only visit for the eclipse on Monday, April 8)
· Waterbury State Office Complex, 280 State Drive, Waterbury

Residential Parking:

Residents of Waterbury may post availability of parking spots on their property or post where no parking is allowed. If residents need "no parking" signs, please reach out to Katarina Lisaius for a temporary laminated "no parking" sign. 


Waterbury is a perfect place for this once-in-a-lifetime experience! 

The Town of Waterbury and its local shops and restaurants are eager to welcome you while you are in town. Waterbury is home to Ben & Jerry's, Cold Hollow Cider Mill, Prohibition Pig, and other favorites for locals and visitors alike. 
Learn more on "Where to Stay", "Eat & Drink", and "See & Do" go to: www.discoverwaterbury.com

Day-Of Planning

The Town is not planning a specific event for the eclipse.

Town staff will be at the Town Municipal Offices for questions and information on Monday, April 8 from 9-2:30. 

The town and Discover Waterbury will be promoting events around town as we welcome visitors to Waterbury. If you are hosting an event and would like the town to promote it, please reach out to Katarina Lisaius, Recreation Director (klisaius@waterburyvt.com). 

The Town will be creating a day-off information sheet for residents and visitors that will be available closer to April 8. Stay tuned!

Parks & Viewing Areas:
There will be no parking on any of the Town of Waterbury fields and parks unless noted in our parking section. April 8 will likely be a muddy day and we do not want to destroy our parks. 

Hope Davey Nature Trails and Disc Golf Course are closed from March 15 - May 1. This is to protect the wetlands and habitat. The nature trails will not be open for recreating during the Solar Eclipse.  

A limited number of Vermont State Parks will be open for viewing the eclipse, including Little River and Waterbury Center Parks. These Parks are overseen by the State of Vermont. Learn more about the of State Parks on the Vermont State Parks Total Eclipse Update

World Map:
The Town of Waterbury has purchased a World Map for visitors to show off how far they have come. We will update once the physical map has arrived! Please visit the Town Offices to pin your home location. 

· 3/25/24 - The Waterbury Library is hosting a How to Safely View the Solar Eclipse

· 4/4/24 - The Tiny Acorn is hosting eclipse themed story hours at 10:30.
· 4/5/24 - 4/8/23  - Smugglers Notch Distillery has solar eclipse themed cocktails. 
4/6/24 & 4/8/23  - The Waterbury Library is hosting eclipse themed story hours at 10:30. 

Solar Eclipse Poster
· 4/6/24 - 4/8/23  - The Wildflower Baking Company has three pop-ups this weekend. Saturday from 10-3 at Smuggler's Notch Distillery, Sunday from 12-4 and Monday from 11-4:30 at Red Poppy Cakery. 
· 4/6/24 - Zenbarn is hosting Shred is Dead: An Eclipse Weekend Grateful Dead Party on Saturday at 7pm.
· 4/6/24 & 4/7/24 - Stowe Street Emporium has extended hours on Saturday and Sunday. The store is closing early on Monday at 2pm. They have eclipse themed cookies, t-shirts, decals, and magnets. 
· 4/7/24 - The Waterbury History Center has extended hours on Sunday from 10am-2pm.
· 4/7/24 - Vermont GoodFire Cannabis is hosting their one year anniversary party with music and food on Sunday from 12pm-4pm.
· 4/7/24 - MakerSphere is hosting an Art Show and Sale on Sunday from 4pm-7pm.
· 4/7/24 & 4/8/23  - Paprika Catering Company has extended hours on Sunday and Monday. 
· 4/7/24 & 4/8/23  - Crossroads Beverage and Deli has a soft opening of their creemee stand. Get your first creemee of the season in celebration of the eclipse! 
4/8/23  - Camp Meade is hosting a Celestial Celebration with live music, street performers, glassblowing demos, kids activities and more - $10. Learn more: Camp Meade Celestial Celebration (Middlesex) 
· 4/8/23  - Stone's Throw Pizza has extended hours and is open on Monday for lunch with eclipse-themed pizzas and beers. 
· 4/8/23  - Vermont Artisan Coffee has a totality party with pizza, coffee, mocktails from 12pm to 4pm. 
Anytime  - Cold Hollow Cider Mill has lunch specials, sugar on snow, candy apples, and eclipe themed bakery items. 
· Anytime  - Green Mountain Dry Goods has eclipse themed stickers magnets and shirts.
· Anytime  - Lake Champlain Chocolates has the "Solar Eclipse Sandwich," an out-of-this-world ice cream sandwich.
· Anytime  - Stowe Street Cafe has eclipse themed sugar cookies and cupcakes.
· Anytime  - Waterbury Sports
has eclipse themed disc golf discs.


The town will be posting updates to this webpage, Front Porch Forum, and Facebook to keep residents and visitors informed of important details. Please check back regularly for key updates. 

Message from Waterbury Backcountry Rescue Team: 
Dear Hikers and Outdoor Enthusiasts,
In ordinary circumstances, the Waterbury Backcountry Rescue Team encourages and supports using all official hiking trails in our area. However, we strongly advise against any such venture during the forthcoming solar eclipse.
The Green Mountain Club will not open the hiking trails until soil conditions warrant. Camel’s Hump Road will be closed on Sunday afternoon and Monday to non-resident traffic to deter folks from hiking.
On April 8th, the trails will likely be icy, snowy, muddy, and extremely difficult to navigate. Slippery conditions will increase the likelihood of falls and injuries. Given the unpredictable nature of Vermont weather in early April, any injury or illness could quickly escalate into a dangerous situation. These trails are not like those found in city parks; they demand the utmost caution and preparation.
Daylight hours are limited in April, and your descent may need to be completed mostly in darkness. Navigating treacherous terrain in low light conditions significantly increases the risk of accidents and getting lost.
If you choose to hike despite our advice, it is imperative that you plan your own rescue. This plan should answer the following question: What will I do for myself during the next many hours and possibly a few days since no one can come to help? No backcountry. No EMS. No Fire. No police.
The roads throughout central Vermont will likely be blocked for hours or possibly even for days. It may be impossible for rescuers to get their gear to the trail in anything like a normal time frame. Do not expect a helicopter to come and rescue you. It will not happen. This is not TV. In the best of times, rescue from remote locations is measured in long hours. Evacuations are measured in even more long hours.
Keep in mind that if you ignore these warnings, you may be competing with many others for rescue assistance, further delaying help for everyone involved.
Please don’t hike to remote areas. If you do anyway, plan to be completely on your own for a great many hours and possibly days.
Think “safety” before you think “eclipse.”
The Waterbury Backcountry Rescue Team